Beschreibung: :: TES Advanced Mod Editor Readme ::==== First words ====================================I'm swedish and although I might think I'm good at english, I'm quitesure I'm not. So oversee any grammar errors and whats-they're-called. thanx.oh yeah, there's a reason why this is called an ->Advanced<- mod editor,newbies beware. =P==== Important ======================================(A) TES AME cleans mods by physically chopping out information fromthe ESP-file. These changes can't be reversed. I can't take anyresponsability for what might happen when removing certain information.(B) TES AME is written for maximum safety of your work. TES AME always createsa copy of the file you're editing, and uses the copy for reading and writing.The original file isn't changed whatsoever, unless you overwrite it when saving.(C) The Hardcore edit function enables you to change pretty much anything.This means you can mess up pretty much everything. Never overwrite youroriginal file after working with hardcore edit.(D) This is a program written for the Morrowind Mod community. It's absolutelyfree of charge. Everyone is free to copy it and host it on their website.If there's something you're missing, email me. I'm very much open to suggestions.==== Changes ========================================In version 1.2:* Added Autocleaner. (Cleaner 4 dummies)* All itemtypes are now recognized.* Added Hardcore edit. Edit down to the tiniest byte.For extreme modders and ESP crackers only.**** HC edit REMOVED ****==== "Dirty" mods (no pun intended) =================When creating a mod you often change stuff that shouldn't be changed.A good example is when I added a script to a door with ID in_hlaalu_loaddoor_01.That perticular door is very common so I ended up having lots of doors withmy script. I realised the problem and changed it back, removed the script fromthe door. Now you might think that the problem is solved. Wrong. The dooris still marked as changed and it's still saved in the mod. This may (or may not)create difficulties in the game. Especially when playing with multiple mods.==== About Modifications ============================The plugins of Morrowind doesn't contain a new version of the game (duh), itonly stores information about additions and changes compared with the original.In the Mod-items list you can see all the items in the game that has been changed byyour mod. A Mod-item can be anything, from NPC's to Textures and Landscape changes.An item is simply a batch of information, stored in your mod.==== Difference between "selecting" and "marking" ===I will talk about "marking" items in this readme. Marking items means thatyou first selects it from the list and then - by either pressing space orrightclicking on it - mark it. Marked items are black with white text.You can only Delete/Save marked items.==== Cleaning mods ( Manually ) =====================To remove any unwanted items. Select them in the list and press Space.They get "marked", as mentioned above.Click on the Items-menu and then on "Delete". Or press the Delete key on yourkeyboard. Read the list below to see which items are okay to remove.By deleting items in the list you're NOT removing them from the mod completely.Plugins only store references to items in the game. A "deleted" NPC can still beseen in the game. You're only making sure that the original data (in this case,the NPC) are not being changed by your mod.IMPORTANT: Deleting items that's exclusive to your mod WILL remove it completelyfrom the game since your mod has the only existing reference to it.==== Some important Item types ======================Type Description-----------------------------------------------------Header Includes information about the mod. Can't be removed.Static, Objects in the mod. Remove if they carry theirActivator, original ID and recreate with new (own) ID in TES CS.Door,Container,Light,Ingredient,etc..Cell Game Cell. Remove all cells that shouldn't be changed/added byyour mod. If you've edited an original common object, all cellswith that object will be changed. Remove the object and the cells.Landscape Heightmap changes. Shouldn't be removed unless you reallywant to undo any changes you've made.Script Remove if not added/edited by your mod.Texture Causes error in TES CS if removed. (Only if applied to any landscapein the mod)NPC Non playing character. Remove if not added/edited by your mod.Topic, Dialogue items. Remove to undo any changes you've made.Info/ResponseGlobal Global variable. Remove if not added/edited by your mod.==== Cleaning mods ( Automatic )=====================A new function in TES AME is the Autocleaner. It search for potentially "dirty"items in your mod. Some changes to original objects are perfectly ok, such as for most cells. So you can toggle searches on cells, NPCs and Items.Click on Mods->Autoclean->Start and it will initiate the search.When the search is done, you will be asked if you want to; "Remove all","Rename all" or "Manual edit"."Remove all" removes all found items."Rename all" gives all found items a new name. This will eliminate any conflict withother mods."Manual edit" does nothing and leaves the editing to you.==== Merging Mods ===================================Before merging two mods, save any mod you're working on with TES AME.TES AME will close any open mods without saving before merging.Click on Mods->Merge.. You get to select a primary mod and a secondary mod.The secondary mod will be added to the primary.Click on the Merge button, enter a destination filename. You've got a hybrid!I'm not sure what consequences mashing two different mods together might have,so use common sence and don't merge two megamods. For best control, export andimport individual items between mods.==== Sharing Mod resources ==========================The TES Advanced Mod Editor allows you to export specific objects from the mods.You can export anything, NPC's, scripts, items, whole Cells!Now I've got an idea that this would be great for the Morrowind Modding community.Instead of writing lengthy instructions in a forum people can share theirsolutions in file form. Just for anyone to download and insert into their mod.The file extention of a "module" is *.ESD.==== Exporting / Importing modules ==================Mark the files you want to export.Click on Items->Save module.. Enter a filename, done!To insert a module into a mod. Click Items->Insert Module.. and select the module. Done.==== Using Hardcore Edit (*** REMOVED ***) ==========First of all, using hardcore edit isn't recommended for anyone who hasn'tused a hexeditor or isn't familiar with binary files in general.Double click on the item you wish to edit. This will listit's raw data. The raw data consists of the selected items "subitems".A subitem contain information, and they store it in several different format.A subitem can be a string, a float value or even both.Double click on a subitem in the raw data list and you'll open up the Hardcoreedit window. Since the information can be represented in so many ways, you'll noticethat there are a number of tabs. Each tab present the information in a different way.[Information tab]Displays some information about the current subitem.Item : The 4 byte type of the subitem, it's name basically.Type : The above translated into plain english.Owner : Information about the subitems owner (top item)Size : Size of the entire subitem in bytes. The size is fixed.Offset : Subitems position in the file in bytes. Converted to hex in paranthesis.[String tab]Displays the information as a single line string. Edit the stringby writing in the textbox and pressing ENTER.Important: When editing a script, TES AME confuses null bytes (0x00) with spacesand replaces them with spaces (0x20). Some ajustments from the Hex tab mightbe necessary. This also applies to the Strings tab[Strings tab]Displays the information as a multilined string. Useful when editing scriptsand Journals. Edit by writing in the textbox. Finish by pressing Shift+ENTER.[HEX tab]This is the real power with hcedit. It displays 8 bytes at a time.To scroll through the bytes use the Position buttons at the bottom.Each byte is displayed in four formats: HEX value, Character, Integer and Float.Integers and Floats are 4 bytes.To edit the bytes, just write into the textboxes and press either TAB or ENTER.[Bitmask]Some subitems store a bitmask. That is a number of bits that each represent eithertrue or false. This is still rather unexplored as no official bitmask descriptionis available. You can edit and add bitmasks in "\dbase\bitmasks.txt"Available bitmasks are for FLAG(NPC) and DATA(Cells).==== Contact ========================================Created by Erik Benerdal AKA ScarabusEmail: erik@scalari.netWeb: Final word =====================================I eat poodles.


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