NIF Duplicator 1.0

Beschreibung: NIF Duplicator 1.0 by ghostwheelJanuary 17, 2004SUMMARY-------This program can automatically generate multiple NIF files, based onthe original NIF file and the list of textures. For each texture filein the list, new NIF file will be generated, replacing specifiedtexture name in original NIF with the texture name from the list.LIMITATIONS-----------Program will ignore any texture path. All generated files will referencetexture files directly, without specifying a path.USAGE INSTRUCTIONS------------------1) Start the program2) Press "Select NIF" button. Browse and choose original NIF file.Selected file name will be shown at the top of the window.3) Select texture name that should be replaced with new textures.4) Press "Select textures" button. Select MULTIPLE texture files.Names of select textures will appear in the bottom list.5) Press "Create NIFs" button.6) If all new textures have similar filenames that only differ inthe last 1-2 characters, program will ask whether or not to usethose texture name suffixes instead of numbers (01, 02,...) whencreating new NIF files.7) New NIF files will be generated in the same directory as originalNIF file.DISCLAIMER----------As usual, utility is provided AS IS. I am not responsible for any actionsperformed by this program or any side effects caused by it. If you'reafraid - then don't use it.SPECIAL THANKS--------------Special thanks goes to the Dave Humphrey for the excellent NIFTexture source,that gave me insight into the NIF file structure.HISTORY-------1.0 Initial release


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